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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Collaborating with designers towards impactful outcomes — insights & perspective to support PM and engineering collaboration with designers

Main Stage

In design leadership, Sara regularly encounters questions, situations and mixed expectations related to effective design collaboration from product managers, researchers, engineers and naturally, designers themselves. Given that design is in the “messy middle” between product discovery and a developed solution, and that team members may come from a variety of backgrounds shaping their expectations, it’s no surprise the role of design can get lost in translation.

The most effective products are designed with intention. Sara will create awareness around honest observations and pain points as well as practical approaches towards creating more impactful solutions together that are applicable to a variety of environments (start-ups, scale-ups, agencies and mature tech orgs).


Sara Kalinoski

Senior Product Design Manager at Delivery Hero. Held roles at Apple, Zalando and Contentful.

Sara Kalinoski is a high-energy product design lead and full-stack designer. Over the past 15 years, she has crafted experiences for Apple, Audi, Contentful, Zalando and more across San Francisco, Berlin and Minnesota. She loves to work and is motivated by great teams, complex challenges, customer needs, and impact. Sara especially enjoys building strong community and company design cultures.