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Bundesliga’s AI Content Revolution: Driving Global Digital Growth

Conference Stage 2

Get a front-row seat to the Bundesliga’s AI Content and Product Revolution to understand how DFL Digital Sports utilizes the power of artificial intelligence. Experience the transformative journey of the Bundesliga brand on an international scale. By leveraging the „Create Once, Publish Everywhere”-approach, they are redefining traditional editorial content into diverse formats, ensuring that Bundesliga stories are compelling and easily accessible on Bundesliga products worldwide. Understand how AI is not just reshaping, but fundamentally revolutionizing the content creation and personalization approaches as well as setting the pace for their strategic targets. 


Dr. Klaus Kaiser

Lead Consultant - Data Science at Cologne Intelligence

Klaus Kaiser, has been working as a data scientist in different industries for several years. He has developed artificial intelligences using various types of data and accompanied them from prototype to productive environment. As Lead Consultant Data Science at Cologne Intelligence, he helps companies to understand their data and to optimize and automate processes using artificial intelligence. 


Björn Rosenthal

Head of Product @Bundesliga at DFL Digital Sports.

As Head of Product at DFL Digital Sports, Björn Rosenthal leads the Bundesliga’s digital transformation by merging data analytics and customer feedback with user experience to create innovative products. He has discovered a passion for generative AI, recognizing its exceptional scaling potential and the transformative impact it can have across various digital platforms and user experiences.