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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Building Trust in Saas Products

Conference Stage 1

Gaining the trust of your users is the key to building ongoing relationships in SaaS. However, too often products fail to recognize that this trust is earned incrementally. They ask for too much too soon – or for more than what’s absolutely necessary – eroding trust in the process. This presentation will focus on strategies to evaluate how trust is earned in SaaS products, as well as practical considerations to establish and grow trust by meeting users where they are in the process.

Key Takeaways:
What are the most common missteps made when establishing trust with users?
What is the “pyramid of trust” and how can it be applied to evaluate how trust is earned?
How do SaaS products ascend the pyramid of trust to earn ongoing relationships with users?


Gregory Lutz

Group Product Manager at FullStory Inc.

Gregory is a Group Product Manager with specific areas of expertise in enterprise readiness, internationalization, and privacy, security and compliance. He joined FullStory in 2019 to advance their mission to help organizations perfect their digital experiences. In that time he has helped shape the product and the product management practice as the company experienced a period of hyper growth. Prior to making the jump to start-ups, Gregory held director-level positions across product management, marketing, and operations for both private equity and public companies in the business intelligence industry.