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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Build Great Things Fast: Accelerating Software Launches with Smart Tech Choices

Conference Stage 3

In this engaging talk, Timothy will introduce his approach to conducting lean business experiments focusing on achieving specific learning goals. He will discuss different strategies for gradually increasing the size of the product artefact along the notion of „MxP“, emphasizing the importance of adaptability throughout the process.

Using a real-life example of a product he’s built this year, Timothy will provide a run-down of his go-to tech stack for implementing the MxP approach. Attendees will also gain valuable insights into the trade-offs and when to consider deviating from this approach.

This talk is perfect for (technical) product managers, early-stage startup founders and those interested in optimizing their product development process. Join Timothy as he shares his expertise in creating valuable, user-centric digital products that excel in the market while minimizing development time and resources.


Timothy Krechel

IT Consultant at codecentric AG.

Timothy specializes in launching digital products that users love and succeed in the market. Focused on creating valuable products, he assists companies and startups with rapid product development using a data-driven approach. Since 2022 alone, he’s launched or coached 25+ products, saving millions in development costs.