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Why you need to update your product development with The Product Manifesto

Conference Stage 2

When David published his first article, where he called out the need for a product manifesto, he did not anticipate how much it would resonate with the product community. In this article, he expressed his feeling after working in 10+ companies that most companies are good at developing features but miss out on the value. His article made quite an impact: Over 100.000 people read the article, and soon The Product Manifesto was published. Product managers started printing the principles and changed how product development works in their companies. In this session, David and Thomas will discuss why a product manifesto is needed, go through some principles, and open up the discussion to the audience.


David Pereira

Partner at Value Rebels. Held roles at Virtual Identity, windeln.de and limango.

David Pereira is a passionate Product Leader with ten years of product management experience. During his journey, he worked for several companies, from start-ups to well-established businesses, from Brazil to Germany. He also experienced product management in multiple sectors, including automobile, public sector, online shopping, retail, and so on.

His motto is: the faster we learn, the sooner we succeed.

Beyond a product leader, David is also a top writer on Medium. Over the last few years, he has shared more than 200 articles, reaching millions of readers worldwide. He loves sharing and learning from others‘ perspectives.


Thomas Riedel

Journalist & Moderator.

Thomas is a child of the 90s. Having grown up with the Game Boy and Star Trek TNG, he was already tinkering with PCs as a teenager. With podcasts on his ear, the former boarding school student studied Philosophy, Rhetoric and German Studies in Tübingen, while discovering MMORPGs and programming websites on the side. In 2010, Thomas moved to Cologne to join the media. During his traineeship at a local magazine, he became interested in the Cologne startup scene and founded Nerdhub, a calendar platform for tech events. In 2016, he joined the startup blog deutsche-startups.de, from which Digitale Leute has spun off shortly afterwards. Today, the freelance journalist works for online newspapers, produces podcasts and moderates and curates events around the tech scene.