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What my Leadership Journey as UX and Product Leader has taught me so far

Conference Stage 2

Early on in my life I learned that being called a bossy kid did not mean that other kids were actually willing to follow my leadership… Being promoted into my first leadership position at Otto.de that lesson had to be relearned a few times… Then came the pandemic and the switch to lead and grow a product organization fully remotely. And then the new chapter at Flaconi started this year in July. In my talk I will share some of my experiences and lessons learned on my leadership journey.


Karolin Wisch

CPO at Flaconi and former Head of App Product Management and User Experience at Otto.de.

Karolin is an experienced product and ux leader with 18 years of experience in advocating a user centric product development approach. She is Chief Product Officer at Flaconi. Before this, she spent 11 years at OTTO, her last role being Head of App Product Management & User Experience and she worked as a User Experience Consultant for many industries and clients for several years at SirValUse Consulting. Her inner drive is to stay curiosity driven, open for learnings along the way and to help others expand their comfort zone.