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What does Data Mesh mean for your tech team?

Conference Stage 1

We will share insights and learnings from our data mesh journey at Zalando. In the tech world, the new paradigm of data mesh is transforming the way we think about managing data in a company. Data mesh puts the responsibility for data back to the tech teams that are producing the data – they are now fully accountable for data. It changes from looking at all data as the new oil that is pumped into a lake to managing it as a product. Data infrastructure is democratized and provided to all tech teams that do not have necessarily specialized data engineering capabilities. And, eventually, data governance becomes more federated and automated and ensures data product interoperability and trustworthiness. What do I need to get prepared for as a product manager or engineering manager in the exciting world of data mesh?


Dr. Alexander Borek

Head of Data Analytics at Zalando and former Global Head of Data, Analytics & AI at Volkswagen.

Dr. Alexander Borek is a data executive, book author and keynote speaker. As Head of Data Analytics at Zalando, he co-leads the central organization serving all teams with data, analytics and infrastructure and orchestrating the Data Mesh. Before, he led the global data transformation at VW Group and FS and advised Fortune 500 companies at Gartner and IBM. His research at University of Cambridge was pivotal to applying risk management to the data quality discipline.