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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


The GIST Framework — High-Impact Product Management Using Evidence

Conference Stage 2

In this talk I will explain why opinion-based roadmaps, product backlogs, and project plans are failing us, and how you can become more evidence-guided using the GIST framework (Goals, Ideas, Steps and Tasks). GIST is a product discovery and delivery framework I started using while I worked at Google. It puts experimentation and evidence at the center of everything we do: OKRs, Idea prioritization, and project management. The framework helps organizations evaluate ideas in an objective, rational way, and allows teams to operate with autonomy and high levels of trust. With consistent use it can lead to a sharp improvement in high-impact launches and to stronger business performance.


Itamar Gilad

Product Management Coach. Held roles at Google and Microsoft.

Itamar is a coach, writer and speaker specializing in product management and product strategy. For over two decades he held senior product management and engineering roles at Google, Microsoft and a number of startups. At Google Itamar led parts of Gmail and was the head of Gmail’s growth team (resulting in 1Bn MAUs). Itamar publishes a popular product management newsletter and is the creator of a number of product management methodologies including the GIST Framework and The Confidence Meter.