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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Deep dive into product insights with a Digital Analytics Platform

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In this session, Olli will demonstrate how product analytics are the key to answering questions like:

Who are my users?
Understanding user funnels and customer journeys
How to increase conversions from shopping cart to purchase?
Which product features will add value to my users?
How to move from insights to action?

During this workshop, you will learn how digital analytics is a great tool to help you improve overall usability of your product and learn more about user behaviour and preferences. You will get to see what experimentation will enable you to do and how these insights will lead to better results, higher conversions and faster growth.


Oliver Wahner

Senior Solutions Consultant at Amplitude.

As Senior Solutions Consultant, Oliver Wahner works closely with Amplitude’s European clients on their analytics capabilities and optimisation of their digital products. With many years of experience in the field of databases and analytics, including at Alteryx and QL2 Software, he provides particular support in needs discovery, identifying optimisation potential and building targeted solutions. Amplitude™ offers product-specific data analytics for companies with digital mobile and web products.