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Tastes like CI-Spirit!

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Talent Stage

What can you expect? Real #Digitalisierungsverwirklicher, real CI insights and a piece of #yellowlovestory. You will hear, see and taste exactly what this means when you join our session with UX Designer Daniela and BI Consultant Tim at the DLS day opener on talent stage.


Tim Wedding

BI Consultant at Cologne Intelligence.

What do a civil engineer and an expert in advanced analytics have in common? Probably not much, besides the fascination with solving the most difficult issues in a way that everyone understands. As an expert for Power BI, Tim always wants to create smart solutions for complex problems. Therefore, customers appreciate the ease and appearance of his dashboards. He can look back on a diverse career with experience as a project manager, a software trainer and a requirements engineer, which helps in today’s challenging and changing project environment.

Daniela Netzel

User Experience Designerin at Cologne Intelligence.

Daniela has been a Senior UX Designer at Cologne Intelligence (CI) since 2019. Having lots of experience from previous jobs and exciting projects, her career path led her straight to becoming a UX Designer. She is passionate about mentoring and truly living coaching every day. While she knows how valuable the onboarding process is, learning something new every day is also something she strives for everyday. Her credo: With curiosity, you get ahead!