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Smash IT — 6 management wishes

Product-Led-Growth Stage

CIO and CTO under pressure. IT is in trouble. Skilled labor is in short supply, and the old experts are retiring. Among the supervisory boards, there is still little understanding of digitization. So what is to be done?
In turns, each speaker expresses a concrete wish to mitigate the perils of lack of know-how, legacy IT and the missing ability to innovate. And we take turns commenting on the wishes of the others.


Johannes Mainusch

CTO at kommitment and former VP at XING. Held CTO roles at Otto GmbH and Deutsche Post.

Things that excite Hannes Mainusch are innovative technologies, tube radios and cycling. And it excites him when people around him and he himself learn to become better. He is currently learning functional programming with Vue.js, TypeScript, modeling organizations and doing things better together with others. In recent years he has been in IT management and consulting. In 2016, he founded kommitment GmbH & Co. KG together with Anke as an experiment in radical democratic consulting.


Benedikt Stemmildt

CTO at TalentFormation. Held roles at Blume2000 and Breuninger.

Passionate software architect, full-stack developer and speaker with enthusiasm for technology, architecture and organization. Develops and maintains data-driven software, focusing on customer value. He enjoys educating and training himself and others — A proud founding member of the Hacker School.


Annette Hamann

CIO at Beiersdorf.

Since May 2020 Annette Hamann has been CIO at Beiersdorf and Managing Director of the IT at Beiersdorf Shared Services. In addition to modernizing the IT function, she particularly puts focus on the digital transformation of the Group.

Annette has many years of international IT experience and worked in various regional and global IT positions at Procter & Gamble before joining Henkel in 2015 where she used to be responsible for Corporate Consulting and Enterprise Architecture Annette Hamann is among the Top 100 global CIO in 2022.