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Simple is the new simple — Why PLG doesn’t end with the signup form

Product-Led-Growth Stage

Although we live in a wireless age, communication and implementation processes are not automatically wireless. Figuratively speaking, PLG is a wireless connection that links all departments (sales, marketing, product, DEV, etc.) directly to product growth success and customer satisfaction. We want to make this connection a high-speed connection. But when is a customer satisfied? It’s simple: when it’s simple. Understanding customer needs and behavior across departments is a critical part of PLG’s success rate, essential to providing the simplicity required to make growth promising.


Ursula Hoschek

Product Development Lead Placetel at Cisco.

Previously working in an early-stage startup, Ursula slipped into product development rather by accident and found her true passion here. It’s not just about optimizing product specifications or shipping the next feature, but her passion is to simplify the everyday life of users, regardless of the product. Now that she works for a global company, that passion has not flattened; on the contrary. For the past three years, she has been an integral part of Placetel product development at Cisco. There she is seeking to find ways to reshape the way businesses communicate and implement a workplace infrastructure that enables employees to work together effectively through collaboration and communication.