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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Product Map Framework – The Elements of Product Management

Conference Stage 1

Building good digital products does not only require us to do a good job on stakeholder management, writing specs, and understanding our users, but also on developing our teams, shaping the way we build things, and defining a path forward. It is easy to get lost in product management because it is such a broad field. In this talk, I want to share the product map framework, which we developed at Project A to help us keep track of all the activities we do. It helps us navigate the complexity of product management – to uncover our blind spots, see the bigger picture, and understand how all parts play together.


Tamer El-Hawari

CPO at Project A Ventures and former Product Manager at Rocket Internet.

Tamer El-Hawari – CPO at Project A Ventures with over 20+years of experience in building digital products. His passion is to uncover what makes great digital products. During his career, he supported over 50 companies at early, growth, and later-stage across all types of industries. Before that, he gathered experience as a founder and consultant – coming from a technical- and business background with an affection for design.