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MobiLab Cloud FinOps Dashboard: Creating the basis for data-driven cost management decisions in the Cloud

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While companies try to leverage the full potential of the Cloud, they also struggle to get familiar with evolving new services and pricing models the Cloud offers. MobiLab enables customers to make data-driven decisions on a real-time basis while using the Cloud.
Discover the tools and technologies MobiLab uses to make Cloud cost management easier and more understandable. Experience how cost control and innovation can go hand in hand to support dev teams in their daily work.


Pouya Azimi

Founder & CEO of MobiLab Solutions.

Pouya is the Managing Director at MobiLab and is responsible for the full Cloud Adoption spectrum. Pouya and his team enable large corporates to move to the Cloud and has the end-2-end responsibility for a successful Cloud Adoption journey.


Federico Sangoi

Business Analyst at MobiLab Solutions.

Federico is a Business Analyst at MobiLab within the Cloud Adoption team and supports customers in their transition from the on-premise landscape into the Cloud. His responsibilities include the design, assessment and evaluation of the Cloud business case to facilitate decision makers of moving to the Cloud.