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This is who we are: Kaufland e-commerce

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What do start-up culture, agility, and the Schwarz Group have in common? That’s right, Kaufland e-commerce! What started as a small tech company several years ago has evolved into one of the leading online marketplaces (Kaufland.de), finally merging with the Schwarz Group in 2021. Christel will give you insights into the company culture, as well as the journey and development of Kaufland e-commerce throughout the years. Come and find out!


Christel Celis

HR Business Partner at Kaufland e-commerce.

Growing up internationally in South America, the United States, and Spain, Christel Celis moved to Germany in 2013 to study Sociology and Psychology, with her main focus situated on employment trends, technology and digitalisation, and, finally, the labour market, finishing with a Master’s degree. In 2021, she joined Kaufland e-commerce as an HR Business Partner in the Tech & Product department, overseeing personnel and organisational development as well as providing support for employees during their lifecycle at Kaufland e-commerce.