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Join eyeo on its mission to reach 1BN users & shape their online experience!

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Are you using any ad filtering software, such as Adblock Plus? No?! Then you absolutely should! It’ll make your online experience so much better. If your answer was yes, then chances are high that it is one of eyeo’s cutting-edge ad filtering products!

eyeo is on a mission to improve the Internet by empowering users with software that can help them control their ad experience while simultaneously ensuring value exchange for the other participating stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem. In this talk, Caroline will share more details on what eyeo is doing and why she enjoys working at eyeo so much. After all, it’s been eight years now!

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Caroline Louwette

Product Owner — Acceptable Ads Criteria at eyeo.

Caroline has been with eyeo’s since January 2015. She spent more than 5 years working in eyeo’s sales team where she managed a lot of eyeo’s key accounts amongst which were partnerships with ad networks, ad tech companies and large publishers. After years of constantly watching out for new potential cooperation partners to expand eyeo’s Acceptable Ads initiative she took on a new product-related opportunity. She now works as product owner in the Acceptable Ads Criteria team that focuses on the Acceptable Ads Standard and supports optimizing it with the ultimate goal of increasing its value for the Acceptable Ads stakeholders.