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How veed.io is using User Behavior Data to conquer the world of online video production

Conference Stage 2

Hear from Sam, Head of Product at VEED how this online video editing platform allows people to create their best content for social media. Take a peak at the product and listen to their journey from a small editing tool to one of the most useful content production platforms, that’s grown from a two-person startup to a VC-funded company with over 150 people. Sam and Fe will explore what product-led-growth means to VEED, and how Sam, as Head of Product, ensures the best customer experience to their users and what role data plays to help him.


Feodora Weinmiller

Customer Success Manager at Amplitude.

In her role as Customer Success Manager at Amplitude, Fe supports data analysts, product owners and growth managers in their analysis of user behavior for digital products. She’s spent her career in data, always strongly committed to helping her customers create the best customer experience for their users. Her international background, speaking four languages, including Chinese and Dutch, and experience working overseas enable her to bring broad and unique perspectives to every customer situation. Fe is a creative mind who loves finding proactive solutions to any challenge that comes her way.


Samuel Beek

Head of Product at VEED.

Samuel is a passionate, experienced product leader with a track record working with a variety of companies, from own upstarts to scale-ups. An engineer by trade, he turned to product, seeing the impact he could have on users‘ experiences building out his creations. After leading and managing the Product team at WeTransfer, he moved to Veed to make creative storytelling with video simple and accessible for everyone. He and his team are providing a super easy-to-use yet powerful online video editor, which Sam grows and improves through continuous feedback and data analytics loops.