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How to upgrade your MVP into a fully-fledged SaaS application that enables you to grow your business

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When you start developing a new product, you will most likely start with building an MVP. This initial MVP will cover only essential core functionalities. Subsequently, once you have traction, you want to upgrade your app to a fully-fledged application. For this, you need the most common SaaS features, such as social sign-ins, a granular notification structure, message center, and much more. In this demo, you will see how you can achieve this in a matter of hours by adding fully functional and highly customizable UI components and leveraging existing feature APIs.


Fabian Wesner

Founder at ROQ Technology. Held CTO roles at Spryker and Project A.

As Co-founder and CTO, Fabian launched ROQ Technology in 2020, a Berlin-based startup that is developing a Feature-as-a-Service platform. Being a passionate software developer for more than 20 years, Fabian follows his dedication of clean code, performance and scalability.

As CTO, Fabian co-founded and led the technological development at Spryker, a platform for ambitious commerce projects. Prior to Spryker, as CTO of Project A, Fabian was responsible for the entire tech stack and team recruitment. As CTO of Rocket Internet, he developed a store system that provided the basis for the global rollout of all kinds of e-commerce startups and was later used by established corporations like HelloFresh and Westwing.


Tim Niemeier

Founder at ROQ Technology and former CTO at Rocket Internet.

Tim co-founded ROQ Technology, which is developing a Feature-as-a-Service platform. Tim has been responsible for IT due diligences, product launches and IT rollouts for DAX companies and startups such as Bosch, Metro, Home24, Swisscom and Private Equities.

Furthermore, his deep IT expertise helped Tim in the past to grow startups and, more recently, act as CTO of Global Founders Capital and Rocket Internet. With his co-founder Fabian, they are changing the way companies build web applications by providing speed through out-of-the-box features and combining them with the full flexibility of self-written code.