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How to scale your Frontend — Building for team independence with the customer in mind

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Like many fast-growing companies, we reached a point where a centralized monolith no longer scaled. As requirements, products and teams grew, the monolithic approach was not only a bottleneck for our velocity but also for the areas of responsibility of the various teams.

A new and more contemporary approach was needed, and it came in the form of Micro-Frontends. This promised to eliminate our most urgent problems. We became faster, more independent and could scale.

We tell the story of our journey and gradual migration from a monolith, to many-SPA, to our framework-agnostic AppShell architecture.


Jakob Schlonsok

Software Engineer at Kaufland e-commerce.

Jakob Schlonsok is a passionate software engineer with a focus on web analytics. With more than seven years of experience and working for industry leaders such as DHL, he is now trying together with his team at Kaufland e-commerce to create the best user experience in one of Germany’s fastest-growing marketplaces.


Nikodem Jaworski

Software Architect at Kaufland e-commerce.

Nikodem Jaworski worked in agencies, ISPs, retail and now leads the Frontend Foundation Team to ensure high quality, consistent development across teams and enables them to use cutting-edge technologies.