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How to Grow a Thriving Research Practice

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Investing in research is a key impetus to insights-driven decision-making. You’ll want to ensure you get the greatest value from this investment. In this talk, I discuss best practices for growing a thriving research practice. First, get your company insights-ready. Second, create a research vision that’s business-aligned. Finally, make a strategic plan for research and prepare the operational setup necessary for their – and your – success.


Janelle Ward

Founder, Consultant at Janelle Ward Insights and former UX Research Lead at Takeaway.com.

Janelle has led UX research at digital product companies, both as a founding lead and as a manager upskilling and growing existing research teams. She has a background in psychology and digital communication and spent a decade as an assistant professor before transitioning to the tech world. Janelle writes regularly about career and research topics, and is the founder and principal consultant at Janelle Ward Insights.


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