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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


How to conduct Lean Business Experiments

Product-Led-Growth Stage

The Build, Measure, Learn loop is well known nowadays. But who actually works this way? And how big is the build step in most of the cases? Frederik shows you how to learn in a much leaner way about your customers than via developing a so-called MVP. This results in more experiments hence more data you can rely on when deciding what to build. You end up building fewer but the right things. A side benefit is that you build something that sells itself – because it’s so valuable to your customers.


Frederik Vosberg

Head of Innovation Consulting at tarent solutions GmbH.

Frederik has worked as a software engineer for a small start-up to change the world and get rich through his shares. Unfortunately, this start-up failed the same way many do. The niche wasn’t focused enough, so the MVP was too big to implement it with the resources at their hands. Eventually, this drove him to build a business unit that helps corporates to apply start-up techniques.