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Challenges in Mobile Testing & How To Overcome Them

Conference Stage 2

Mobile apps and devices help users to solve personal tasks wherever they are. They process very personal and sensitive data. Therefore, mobile apps must have a high quality and must ensure that the usage is safe. In this talk, Daniel will talk about the challenges in mobile testing and how to overcome them. He will give guidance in how to test mobile apps, how to integrate the testing activities in the development process of the app and how to release and monitor the success of an app.


Daniel Knott

Head of Software Testing at MaibornWolff and former Senior PM at XING.

Daniel loves digital products with high quality. Currently, he’s working as Head of Software Testing at MaibornWolff in Germany, where he shapes the future of testing for the clients. In the past 15 years, he worked as test engineer or product manager for native mobile apps and web products. Daniel wrote the books – Hands-On Mobile App Testing & Smartwatch App Testing and he loves running.