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Career start in Product Management — Challenges and expectations for young professional

Product-Led-Growth Stage

Working in Tech and building digital products will be the future for many of us. Companies are intensively searching for creative and ambitious talents to take responsibility for their own products and those of the future.

In this panel, the industry experts Jan Milz, Jens Echterling and Nikkel Blaase will discuss the opportunities and challenges for young professionals who are planning to enter the tech industry or are looking for a new career path coming from other industries. The panel will be moderated by Christoph Bresler and will provide insights into the different paths that can lead into the tech industry and what challenges young professionals should be aware of.


Christoph Bresler

Head of Digitale Leute School.

Christoph Bresler is the Head of Digital Leute School as well as an agency and IT startup founder from Cologne. The designer and lecturer focuses on the topics of UX, UI, and usability in user-centred design for digital products. As part of the 12-week Product Owner Bootcamp, he educates the participants in collaboration with all coaches to become aspiring Product Owners.


Nikkel Blaase

Product Lead and Discovery Coach at Orbit. Held roles at XING and OYO Vacation Homes.

Nikkel Blaase is a Product Lead and Discovery Coach with more than 9 years of experience and a passion for lean product development, innovation and UX design.
He helps companies find and build new digital business models around their core competencies. After 6 years at XING, where he was most recently responsible for developing the B2C product vision, he led the product and growth team in the B2B business unit at OYO Vacation Homes and later joined Orbit.


Jens Echterling

Chief Talent Product Officer at HeyJobs. Held roles at Greator and Focus Online.

Jens is Chief Talent Product Officer at HeyJobs. Previously, he was CPO at Greator GmbH and was responsible for driving the strategic development of the platform. Having more than 15 years of experience at companies like FOCUS Online Group, Greator, McKinsey & Company and founding his own startups, NetMoms and FEMBooks, Jens is a proven expert in product management and building and managing product teams.


Jan Milz

Consultant and Coach. Held PM roles at Otto GmbH & Co KG, Breuninger and XING.

Jan Milz is a product manager and entrepreneur with over ten years of professional experience. After co-founding two tech startups, he worked as a PM for companies like Otto (GmbH & Co KG), Breuninger and XING.
He currently supports companies as a freelance consultant in the area of product management and product development – His passion is agility, problem solving and innovation.