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Beyond Juggling | The Fascinating Role of Product Owners at OBI next

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What is a Product Owner? Following the Scrum Guide, the Product Owner owns the Backlog, breaking down epics into features and stories that hopefully fit into the next iteration and of course, the Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the product’s value. Besides that, the Product Owner has a lot of other tasks to juggle. How to avoid struggling? Not explained.

Building upon this maybe exaggerated interpretation, Nils will go beyond juggling and introduce Craftsmanship as the basic principle of OBI next’s understanding of the Product Owner’s role as a profession within „Digital Product Craftsmanship“ in the sense of a craftsman’s art.


Dr. Nils Ommen

Head of Digital Solution Offer at OBI next.

Nils joined OBI in 2015 and was the first person to take on the role of a Product Owner, thus being heavily involved in establishing the new role and the associated agile product development approach at OBI. In his professional career, he has dealt with diverse projects in the area of marketing, especially in the topics of customer experience management and digital innovation. At OBI next, Nils is responsible for the strategic development of our digital customer ecosystem approach, and corresponding digitally enabled improvements of the customer and employee experience, like the innovative digital advice feature. With regard to the associated software development, he focuses on the development of a modern microservice-oriented IT platform. He brings over ten years of experience in the fields of Business Model Innovation, Digital Transformation and Software Engineering.