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Company and Job Presentation
Talent Stage

During this presentation, Lisa will tell you about how she came to Raidboxes.
What were her main reasons and biggest motivations to start working for a WordPress host – even though she had no experience and interest in hosting before? Besides her story, Lisa will give you insights into the culture of holocracy in the company, the benefit system and current job openings.
Are you ready to shape the digital industry with Raidboxes?


Lisa Hunke

Inside Sales Manager at Raidboxes.

As Inside Sales Manager at Raidboxes, Lisa primarily supports prospective customers in selecting the right solutions for their individual needs. Before joining Raidboxes, Lisa was a project manager for several years and has a great deal of experience in event management. Always striving for more, Lisa is currently working on her Master’s degree in Business Administration. She’s passionate about sustainability and lives up to her green values in both her professional and private life.