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Accessible and inclusive UX for all

Conference Stage 2

Stop designing for yourself! How to create accessible and inclusive UX for all.
When we create products with a specific user in mind, we automatically leave someone out. So how can we design for everyone and be fully accessible and inclusive? We explore ideas helping pave the way to a fairer digital future by building UX for everyone.


Guillaume Vaslin

CEO, Strategic Designer at ENNO Studio GmbH.

Guillaume Vaslin is a French entrepreneur and strategic designer. At the beginning of his career, Guillaume created delusion Games Studio and then managed The European Magazine before heading to Latin America to participate in the STARTUP Chile Incubator while advising several VCs and startups. Guillaume has designed and consulted for big European firms such as Sparda Bank, Wüstenrot, ADAC, Lufthansa, etc – in addition to scale-ups such as HelloFresh and Mymuesli. As the head of ENNO studio, Guillaume sees design as the confluence of stakeholder interests, targeted user experience, and technological potential. Working with startups, firms and universities across Europe allows him to adopt and share the best ideas, processes and thinking to deliver designs that users love and depend on every day.