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Speed without the microservice hype: How Blume2000 performs with good old HTML websites and expertly cut macro services

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Many companies have thrown themselves too carelessly into these supposedly all-solving approaches like the microservice and single page application hype and are now being slowed down by even more complex infrastructure. In his talk Benedikt shows us how to become incredibly fast with good old HTML techniques and expertly cut macro services paired with DevOps practices. He explains how to become truly successful when leadership, expertise, organization, and technology interact mutually.


Benedikt Stemmildt

CIO at Blume2000.

How Blume2000 performs with good old HTML and macro services

Passionate software architect, full-stack developer and speaker. Benedikt is enthusiastic for technology, architecture and organization. He develops and runs software, data-driven with a focus on customer value. Likes to educate and train himself and others and is a proud founding member of the Hacker School. Previously Benedikt was Lead Architect at Breuninger and Full-Stack Developer at otto.de.