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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Set up an experimentation culture empowering teams to create measurable business value

Stage 2

In this talk, Rainer and Sandra will present a product management concept called „The Value Engine“. Learn in this talk how to create an experimentation culture where truly empowered product teams contribute to the company’s strategy. Additionally, find out how to make it easier for leaders to lead with context, avoid micromanagement and create coaching opportunities. We all want to create value fast at scale – getting there is difficult but not impossible. 


Sandra Hinz

Managing Partner and Co-founder at Value Rebels.

Set up an experimentation culture to create measurable business value

Sandra’s background is in consulting & agile coaching. She found her passion for product management around a decade ago in the Agile Transition Team at Deutsche Telekom. Her strength is to connect people and manage teams. In the past 7 years she was a product leader at zooplus, majorly influencing and contributing to the success of Europe’s leading online retailer of pet supplies.


Rainer Collet

Managing Partner & Co-Founder at ValueRebels. Former CPO at zooplus & real.digital.

Set up an experimentation culture to create measurable business value

Rainer has over ten years of experience as CPO and Product Leader for companies like zooplus, real-digital, Westwing, Otto and Breuninger. Rainer studied computer science and started his career as a software developer and engineering manager before discovering his passion for product management. As product leader, he was responsible for product organizations with more than 30 teams.