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Rapid deployment of AI/ML Powered Products

Stage 2

More and more, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are embedded in products. Product managers need to step up and take an active part throughout the ML life cycle: from Use Case qualification and PoC design, to collaboration with data scientists validating data quality and business value generation and finally to validation of ML model performance once products are out in the market. This session takes a fresh look at this new Product manager’s role and is targeted at PMs that have or plan to have AI/ML in their products. No prior knowledge of AI/ML is needed.


Ralf-Dieter Wagner

Lead Go-to-Market AI ML at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Rapid deployment of AI/ML Powered Products

Ralf-Dieter is based in Munich, Germany and is responsible for the go-to-market for the AWS AI /ML service portfolio, focusing on the DACH region. In his role, Ralf-Dieter enables clients across industry verticals to leverage data and AI/ML for better business outcomes and how to get started quickly and scale. Prior to joining AWS Ralf-Dieter served as General Manager EMEA for the US-based AI Start-Up r4, first man on the ground, delivering productized AI solutions to clients, and prior to that he spent >20 years at Accenture, as a Partner responsible for advising clients across Europe how to best leverage Technology to drive business performance.