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Product Management for audio and video products at Microsoft, Spotify and Google

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As Product Manager for Google Meet, She owns a highly visible global video conferencing product, which has been tremendously growing and making remote work and collaboration more accessible to everyone. In this interview Nesrine shares her insights in product management, especially for audio and video products. She started as a Researcher at Nokia’s Bell Labs, after her Phd degree in “Statistical Multiplexing for Video Broadcasting” in Paris. Then she moved to Stockholm where she shares her experience on how to make the transition from research into product management. She worked at Skype as part of the media department at Microsoft. She will then share the transition to Spotify, the world’s leading audio streaming company, where she was PM for media transcoding and experience at a time where Spotify was growing by making a big focus on Podcast in addition to Music. During the pandemic period, she transitioned to the Google Meet team in Stockholm where she experienced remote onboarding while waiting for her first time to visit the Google Stockholm office.


Nesrine Changuel

Product Manager at Google Meet. Held product roles at Spotify & Skype.

PM for audio and video products at Microsoft, Spotify and Google

Born in Tunisia, Dr. Nesrine studied Electrical Engineering in Grenoble, where she was one of only two women. Before turning into the Product role, Nesrine worked as a research engineer at Bell Labs Nokia as Video encoding and streaming specialist. She holds a Ph.D. Degree from the University Paris Saclay and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Phelma Grenoble in France. She has managed highly visible consumer products for the past eight years focusing on strategic initiatives at Skype and Spotify. Currently, she is working on Google Meet product to make video conferences universally accessible and useful.


Thomas Riedel

Journalist and Moderator.

Thomas Riedel is a freelance tech-journalist, podcast producer, father and moderator in Cologne. His previous stations include deutsche-startups.de, Digitale Leute and Mediencluster NRW as Communication Officer and Event Manager for Gamescom and DMEXCO. He currently produces and hosts Germany’s largest Metaverse podcast „Spatial Realities“, the Apple Vision Pro podcast „Beyond Reality“ and the largest XR Meetup in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the podcast “FutureFuture”, he discusses future narratives with experts from all fields. As a speaker on the topics of metaverse, startups and digitalization, Riedel appears repeatedly in podcasts, meetups, conferences and as a tech-expert on live-TV.