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Making data collection at Spotify a solved problem

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As a tech product, Spotify leverages data to recommend users exactly the music or podcast they want to listen to at any given moment. As an organisation, Spotify product teams leverage data for metrics and insights to make decisions that drive the experience forward. Scaling up our users is only one dimension of the problem. Expanding the product experience to multiple apps, and dozens of partner devices is another. Scaling as an R&D organisation is a whole different beast. As scale increases and the product changes the data collection needs and problems do too. Robert shows us how Spotify’s platform organisation is striving to make Data Collection a solved problem.


Robert Stephenson

Senior Product Manager at Spotify. Former Software Developer at LinkedIn.

Making data collection at Spotify a solved problem

Robert is a Senior Product Manager at Spotify with a background in engineering. He graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada with a focus on distributed systems and optimisation. Upon graduation, he worked as an infrastructure engineer for LinkedIn before relocating to Sweden to join Spotify in 2016. After working on data collection as an engineer he transitioned to the product role on his team. He has led products for multiple teams of infrastructure, data, and mobile engineers within the mission of making Data Collection at Spotify a solved problem. He has co-authored blog posts about Spotify’s data collection infrastructure and has spoken at Google Next UK and the Product Management Festival. Earlier this year he started the Product Internals podcast and blog with Arvid Olovsson which aims to be an honest and humble reflection of starting out in Product Management, targeting the niche of internal-facing and platform products.