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Learnings about building a career in UX in Europe, working for a global tech company

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When Lucia joined Google in Zurich in 2010 she was the first female User Experience Designer in a very tech and male dominant office. In this talk she reflects on some of the learnings about growing as a professional and leader in a remote site; the importance of understanding and contributing to the identity of the region one is based in; as well as the benefits of intentionally building diverse organizations. Today she leads the User Experience for Google Travel and is EMEA lead for Women@ Google Employee Representation Group, as well as Google Zurich Site Lead.


Lucia Terrenghi

Director of UX at Google Travel.

Learnings about building a career in UX in Europe

Lucia Terrenghi is UX Director for Google Travel. She was the first female UXer in the Zurich office when she joined in 2010. Since then, she worked on different product areas (Emerging Markets, Payments, Assistant, and Travel). Lucia holds a PhD in Computer Sciences in the area of Human Computer Interaction from the LMU University of Munich, and a Master in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic of Milan. Prior to Google she worked in R&D for Vodafone, was a research and interaction designer at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, and worked on branding for the Turin Winter Olympic Games.