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It’s all about experiments: data-driven redesign of the HubSpot sign-up funnel

Stage 1

Over the last 18 months, HubSpot’s Growth Team made a great effort to improve one of its most essential features: the sign-up funnel. In this case study, Anne will take us through the whole project from user research and ideation to prototyping and implementation. A clear focus of Anne’s design work is on data-driven decision making. Key-metrics completely back up everything she does. Anne will show us how she and her team implemented a data-driven design process. The result is a friendly conversational-style UI and form-design which creates customer delight. HubSpot now also uses their unique data set to personalize, auto-fill and auto-suggest components of the sign-up flow. One of the results is a heavily improved sign-up speed. Tune in to this talk and learn all about the experimentation setup at HubSpot.


Anne Tempelmeier

UX Designer at HubSpot.

Data-driven redesign of the HubSpot sign-up funnel

After finishing her masters in the area of Neuroscience in Cologne and Berlin, Anne worked on medical research projects before joining HubSpot in 2017. She continued her education part-time with both a professional certificate in UX Design from General Assembly and in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Institute of Technology. In spring 2020, Anne joined the acquisition team and took on the design leadership for the project of re-designing HubSpot’s sign-up funnel.