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Improving new e-banking system adoption at Credit Agricole with Piwik PRO

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In this case study, Kuba shows us how he and his team implemented Piwik Pro at Credit Agricole to improve the adoption of their new transactional system. Therefore they introduced new personas and tackled the bank’s challenges such as security, banking regulations and data residency. He also shows us how they utilized a data layer to streamline events and how they used the analytics data to optimize the banking product.  They will show us how they detected the most popular transfer types and optimized the shortcut banners right after the user’s log-in.


Kuba Bomba

Chief Product Officer at Piwik PRO.

Improving new e-banking system at Credit Agricole with Piwik PRO

Kuba is Chief Product Officer at Piwik PRO. Working in IT since 2005, Kuba is an enthusiast and expert on analytics and marketing technology. As Chief Product Officer, he oversees and improves the development processes of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. On a daily basis, he works using Agile, Scrum and Kanban methodologies. Kuba is a devotee of the Management 3.0 approach and story mapping.