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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


How Mobimeo uses Digital Product Analytics to grow & retain customers

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In today’s world, the companies that win are the ones that create the best experiences for customers. Digital leaders treat digital experiences as products and turn data into visual insights that answer key questions about customers – what they do and why, what creates value, and how to build what’s next. Join Marcelo Savignano, Product Analytics Lead at Mobimeo and Nevio Buric, Enterprise Account Executive DACH at Amplitude for an engaging discussion on how Mobimeo is using data on different levels to guide business decisions and this way build better products. Expect to receive key takeaways that can help you on your own product analytics journey in your company. You will learn how a North Star Metric drives business growth and how data helps with defining the product strategy, objectives, helps to identify customer needs and problems and allows to measure product success. You will get real life examples about how being data-informed can challenge status quo.


Marcelo Savignano

Product Analytics Lead at Mobimeo.

How Mobimeo uses Digital Product Analytics to grow & retain customers

Marcelo is Research & Analytics Lead at Mobimeo, a Deutsche Bahn subsidiary aiming to change the ways cities move towards more sustainable behaviors. Marcelo has over 15 years working experience in the fields of mobile analytics, business intelligence and consulting. He is very passionate about the development of user-centric products, which address the needs of real users, via the exploration of user research and product analytics data. In the past, Marcelo worked for HERE Technologies, Nokia and Paypal in various analyst projects.


Nevio Buric

Enterprise Account Executive DACH at Amplitude.

How Mobimeo uses Digital Product Analytics to grow & retain customers

Nevio helps enterprise companies with initiatives within their data strategy, he helps product teams build better digital products with the use of digital product analytics. Data is a part of his DNA and he is very passionate about the impact of a data-culture. Before Amplitude, he worked in the BI Space and helped Tableau to grow its footprint in Germany and Austria. In his free time he loves to be active, hike, and be a „Superdad.“