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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Good product decisions vs cognitive biases

Stage 2

The way we interpret our interactions with products and people around us is impacted by biases in every single moment. This affects our lives, our decisions and the products we build. It’s a hard task but we’ll challenge you to come ‚live your biases‘ through real life situation exercises and become aware of how biases affect how you ask questions, you listen and you take product and design decisions. We will also share stories and tips on how to be a more empathetic and objective observer and a better decision maker.


Alexandra Lung

CPO at Signaturit.

Good product decisions vs cognitive biases

I am a product leader, public speaker and coach experienced in driving product-led growth. I am always looking for ways to grow and to empower the people around me to grow. I’m a result-driven expert with strong knowledge in finding product-market fit and gathering a deep understanding of the user in order to build a product people will love.


Romina Chitic

Product Designer at Scout24.

Good product decisions vs cognitive biases

Romina is a product designer that loves to dig deep, understand behavior and optimise experiences. She currently works as Product Designer for Scout24, continuing the focus on people-centered culture she has honed both as a consultant and an in-house employee. Making people heard and happy is what she gets most satisfaction out of.