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From Startup to Grown-Up – The pleasures and pitfalls of scaling an industry disruptor

Stage 3

Startups start small and lean, and If all goes according to plan, they become successful. Juttas talk will outline the pleasures and pitfalls of scaling and what eyeo learned from growing the reach of their technology to more than 200 million monthly active devices and the company from a staff of 2 to nearly 250. She will highlight the need for keeping a good balance between professionalization and nurturing the creative startup spirit and share their learnings about iterative and participatory change management.


Jutta Horstmann

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer at eyeo.

The pleasures and pitfalls of scaling an industry disruptor

As a computer science graduate with over 20 years of experience in the IT sector, Jutta founded her own software development company and grew it over a decade. She then moved into IT consultancy and organizational transformation, bringing this experience to eyeo since 2017. Today, Jutta holds a double role as COO and CTO at eyeo. In organizational development, she aims for excellence in execution, based on high-performance, self-organizing, agile teams. In technology, Jutta explores what ad filtering can and will be in the future, moving from desktop to mobile and beyond. And she ensures that all of this happens in a welcoming and friendly environment, where diversity is appreciated, and people feel valued.