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CX is not enough anymore! Why Customer Engagement is the new gold standard

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As ‚Digital‘ evolves and the pandemic has driven even more consumers and companies alike into the non-physical sphere, boundaries between personal and professional lives get blurred. Customers expect organizations and brands to behave and interact like counterparts, friends even. Through constant change, development and evolution, digital is the new normal and barriers of entry have dissolved.

In 2022, technology allows for hyper-personalization, artificial intelligence helps to fill the gaps and with it, customer expectations grow.

Thomas Boele, Senior Director Solutions Engineering draws on his prior expertise as a developer, engineer, and solutions architect and explains why a focus on customer experience may not be enough to retain customers. It has become a hygiene factor and needs to be supplemented by focused, personalized customer engagement across all channels.  In his presentation, he shows which steps can be taken to fully engage with customers to not only ensure their loyalty (and wallet share), but have them interact with your brand and give you their engagement and attention.


Thomas Boele

Senior Director Solutions Engineering, EMEA at twilio.

CX is not enough anymore! Why Customer Engagement is the new gold standard

As Senior Director Solutions Engineering, Thomas Boele and his team are responsible for all activities covering pre-sales and solutions engineering in conjunction with the development and implementation of customer projects in the area of digital communications and customer engagement for Twilio in Europe, Middle East and Africa. With more than 30 years of experience in technical development and digital transformation, both on the hardware and software side, Thomas Boele is a proven expert in strategic consulting for the implementation of successful IT projects and building high-performing solutions engineering teams.