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Case Study: How to create the perfect UX for a Mobility App

Stage 3

Passengers in public transport don’t like queuing in front of the ticket vending machine and they certainly don’t like unintelligible tariff zones that determine which ticket to buy. Travio is a new Check-in/Be-out digital service of DB Vertrieb GmbH. Travio makes it much easier for passengers to use buses and trains: boarding and alighting are recognised via smartphone and the fare is calculated automatically.

In this talk, Shawn will discuss how user experience design plays far more than an aesthetic role; it is more about function and emotion. The easier and more convenient planning, booking and paying for local transport, the more willing passengers are to use buses and trains. The role of user experience design is making this encounter between the passenger and the Travio app as easy as possible.


Shawn Keeling

UX Designer at Cologne Intelligence.

How to create the perfect UX for a Mobility App

Shawn Keeling is UX Designer at Cologne Intelligence based in Cologne, Germany. He is constantly exploring new and inventive ways of using design. Shawn created various frontend applications on different platforms for big enterprises like Deutsche Post, Daimler and Deutsche Bahn.