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Product Management for AI

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We believe there is unique, powerful knowledge out there, learned by experience. People who are at the top of their fields rarely have the time to share what they’ve learned. That’s why we curate leading experts and practitioners who share their know-how in paid workshops, webinars, and ask-me-anything sessions into our Remote Academy. Every remote session will serve up tactics that you can use today to change the way you build technology and can transform your company and your career.

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Trainer: Dat Tran, Language: English

Topic: Product Management for AI

For this Webinar, Digitale Leute is hosting Dat Tran, Head of AI at Axel Springer.


Building successful digital products is hard but building successful AI products is even harder. A lot of things are different from the way you start with the problem and also the roles involved. In this webinar, we will show how you can use lean concepts from product development to create successful AI products and how both of them are actually very related to each other. We will start with an introduction to AI, what AI can do today and what not. We will also present real use cases where we applied those concepts.

The participants will learn:

Who should attend:

Product managers, product owners, data scientists, software engineers / all seniority

About your host

Dat is a seasoned technology and business leader with extensive experience in creating, transforming and leading both large and small (technological) organizations. He led Axel Springer AI, the artificial intelligence unit of Axel Springer SE where his goal was to make AI more accessible within the group and hence drive innovation. Before that he also used to work for idealo.de, Pivotal Labs and Accenture. His interests are diverse from traditional machine learning, deep learning, AI in general to computer vision. He has a lot of experiences from devising realistic uses to the actual implementation into a real product; more than capable of distinguishing hype, buzzwords and wannabes from substance.


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How does the webinar work?

This webinar is much more than a passive live stream: Participants will be able to interact with the expert and hand in their questions. You will be invited to the virtual meeting room where you can interact with other attendees and the speaker. We will provide you with the necessary links and instructions via mail before the workshop starts.

Which tools do I need?

For this remote workshop we use Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before you will be prompted to install a browser plugin as soon as you click on the link we sent you. The installation is quick. But this is why we suggest joining the workshop a couple of minutes earlier.

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