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Wednesday, July 15, 2020 – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM CEST – online
Trainer: Khushboo Jha, Language: English

Topic: Negotiation Strategies for Product Owners

For this Remote Workshop, Digitale Leute is hosting Khushboo Jha, CEO of BuyProperly Limited and former product lead at Amazon.

“Negotiating at workplace: Advancing your career while Preserving Relationships” She will teach you how you can negotiate at your workplace and how you can advance your career while preserving relationships.


The Negotiating at workplace workshop is intended to allow product managers, project managers, and other employees working within and across teams , who have to constantly navigate prioritizing work aspects to achieve professional success, to learn the basics to keep in mind – to ensure their projects get funded, and hit milestones, specially when there are dependencies on other team members and other teams.

Participants of this hands-on & interactive workshop learn the fundamentals of behaviour theories that come into play during negotiations, and understand how different parties may get mis-aligned even with best of intentions, leading to negative consequences. They will also get to perform practical negotiations tasks to learn the intricacies of various factors when you have multiple stakeholders involved, and when you are not there to present your case to senior executives.

In the workshop participants will learn:

Who should attend:

Product Managers, Technical Program Managers, Cross-functional Project Managers and Team leads

About your host

Khushboo Jha is the CEO of BuyProperly Limited. She has an MBA from Wharton School, Univ of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor degree in Architecture from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. She has over 10+ years of experience at Amazon, Deutsche Bank and Accenture. She is a builder at heart and has built and launched two marketplaces within Amazon and has extensive experience leveraging AI for efficiency. She has lived and worked in US, UK, Canada, and India.


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How does the remote workshop work?

This workshop is much more than a passive live stream: Participants will be able to interact with the trainer as well as the other attendees and get to know state of the art software which enables remote work within teams. You will be invited to the virtual meeting room, join dedicated breakout rooms for small groups and use a collaboration board so you get a visualization of the spoken word and can interact with other attendees and the speaker. We will provide you with the necessary links and instructions via mail before the workshop starts.

Which tools do I need?

For this remote workshop we use Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before you will be prompted to install a browser plugin as soon as you click on the link we sent you. The installation is quick. But this is why we suggest joining the workshop a couple of minutes earlier.

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