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Monday, Oktober 12, 2020 – 6:15 PM – 7:15 PM CEST – online
Trainer: Nikki Anderson, Language: English

Topic: Hands on techniques for effective user research

For this Ask me Anything session, Digitale Leute is hosting Nikki Anderson, User Research Specialist.


For once, I will be answering questions instead of asking them! I always receive many questions from people on LinkedIn, via email, or through Slack channels, and I want to hold a live Q&A to answer as many as possible! I will draw from my seven years of experience in the field, navigating through different challenges and opportunities. I have worked for a range of different companies, from tiny start-ups to established organizations, and have come to find the challenges in both. I will also use my experience as a freelancer, and a full-time employee, to help answer all types of challenges you may be facing.

The participants will learn:

Who should attend:

mid-levels/seniors User Researcher

About your host

Nikki Anderson loves solving human problems and petting all the dogs. After spending over seven years as a qualitative user experience researcher, Nikki knows that user research goes beyond simply understanding who users are, but, instead, is a tool for learning about humans beyond the context of a product. By knowing user’s everyday lives we can build products or services that solve real human needs and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Nikki has worked as a user researcher in all types of areas, ranging from small start-ups to larger corporations, such as HelloFresh and Zalando. In between her role as an in-house researcher, she has been also been a freelance researcher and worked with clients such as Wiley Online Publishing. In addition to being a user researcher, Nikki also writes about and teaches user research. She is a contract writer for dscout and Respondent.io, and writes extensively on Medium. In 2018, Nikki founded the User Research Academy to help make user research as accessible to others as possible, and to provide a space for people to learn about the field.

Nikki holds an MA in Psychology and Education from The New School for Social Research. In her spare time, she writes fiction novels and plays Pokemon (the original).


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How does the remote Ask me Anything session work?

This Ask me Anything is much more than a passive live stream: Participants will be able to interact with the expert and hand in their questions. After registering, you will get an email with all the instructions from us so you can send in your questions, which our expert will answer during the session. You will be invited to the virtual meeting room where you can interact with other attendees and the speaker. We will provide you with the necessary links and instructions via mail before the workshop starts.
Which tools do I need?

For this remote workshop we use Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before you will be prompted to install a browser plugin as soon as you click on the link we sent you. The installation is quick. But this is why we suggest joining the workshop a couple of minutes earlier.

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