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Join our closing keynote — Director of Product Karin Schoefegger discusses “Building AI Products: Between Hype and Worry”

12. Oktober 2023

Since ChatGPT became a viral sensation at the end of 2022, generative artificial intelligence has grown exponentially in the public eye. Eye-catching headlines predict equal parts hype and worry that AI will either be humanity’s salvation or demise.

AI has been a topic of both fascination and hype for several decades. The concept of machines that can mimic human cognitive functions, such as learning, reasoning, problem-solving and language understanding, has captured the attention of researchers, businesses and the general public alike — it has the potential to transform industries.

ChatGPT, a variant of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model developed by OpenAI, is specifically designed for conversational interactions, where users can input prompts or messages and receive coherent and contextually relevant responses. However, GPT models, including ChatGPT, have shown limitations. One of the challenges is their potential to produce outputs that sound coherent and contextually relevant but may not be factually accurate or grounded in reality. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as „hallucination.“

As with most highly complex technologies, understanding AI’s real risks and opportunities requires a nuanced and thoughtful approach. How AI systems are being developed today can and likely will impact billions of people now and in the future.
It’s serious business, and that’s why we are excited that Karin Schoefegger, Director of Product at LatticeFlow, will join us for a closing keynote at Digitale Leute Summit 2023.

Join Karin’s closing keynote on November 8th

In her keynote, Karin will dispel some of the myths surrounding AI and explore how to build AI products that are not only innovative but also trustworthy through real-world examples, lessons learned, and practical tips. Expect to leave with stories and insights that will empower and inspire you to take action in managing risk and build products that prioritise reliability, inclusivity, and transparency.

About Karin Schoefegger: Karin has a background in mathematics and is currently Director of Product at LatticeFlow. She has over 15 years of professional experience in large and small companies. At Google, she built an ML platform, led AI governance efforts at YouTube, and led new product initiatives at Google Research. Before that, she worked at startups N26 and Pixsy. She is passionate about principled AI development and educates others on the subject to bring the greatest benefit to society.

Want to get a first impression?
Listen to Karin’s DL Insights podcast episode about AI product development at companies like Google and N26, the skills of an AI product manager and how AI could shape our future.

Digitale Leute · DL Insights Podcast — Karin Schoefegger über

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