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DL Experts is a knowledge transfer platform.

We pair top technology professionals from our network with product leaders to improve team performance and product quality.

Meet some of our experts
Jessica Kirkpatrick

Director of Data Science

San Francisco, US

Tim Herbig

Product Leader

Hamburg, Germany

Chris Long

Product & Growth Lead

Amsterdam, NL

Christian Menschel

Senior iOS Engineer

Cologne, Germany

Sebastian Deutsch


Bochum, Germany

Marimar Hollenbach

UI/UX System Designer

Berlin, Germany

Nikkel Blaase

Senior Product Designer

Hamburg, Germany

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AREAS OF EXPERTISE Hire top experts across multiple domains
Product Managers Digitally native product strategists, team leaders and agile project managers/ scrum masters. FIND AN EXPERT
Designers Top UI, UX and interaction designers with expertise across different industries. FIND AN EXPERT
Software Developers Senior solution architects, coders and devops engineers with expertise across different technologies. FIND AN EXPERT
Data Scientists Data modeling, machine learning and analytics experts - experienced to translate data into meaningful insights for your business. FIND AN EXPERT
Security Architects Application and network security engineers who help you design and implement reliable cybersecurity solutions. FIND AN EXPERT
Growth Managers Senior online marketing and product experts with dedicated focus on metrics driven
growth management.
WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU We help you to create outstanding products & learn from the best
Team Coaching Learn from a senior expert in a
completely customizable format.

From hourly spot-consulting over leadership and hiring advise to
weekly review sessions with your team.
Workshop Coaches
Interim Engagement Engage a top expert as part-time member of your team or as an interim head-of, who helps you to ramp-up the needed skills and structures.

Like a ‘classic’ freelancer, but with stronger focus on knowledge transfer and enablement.
Personen am Rechner
Custom Workshops Engage with an expert and agree
on an individual workshop agenda
for your use-cases.

Learn from best practices.
Workshop Teilnehmer
Event Speakers Find a senior expert, who is an experienced speaker for your keynote, panel discussion or expert talk.

Inspire your audience.

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